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The Lyath Foundation

Our History

Success is not only the result of talent and hard work, but also the product of attentive mentorship. This organization, The LYATH Foundation, stands for "Love You All The Heart," an acronym my grandmother used to close the letters she sent me in middle school and throughout college. It was her financial support that helped pay the tuition needed to attend a private school and college. This education has helped open doors and opportunities which would have otherwise been closed to me. Now, as a graduate student, I endeavor to create avenues for students without such financial resources, so that they may find mentors to help them achieve academic success. And so, The LYATH Foundation was born.

Our Philosophy

LYATH is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting talented primary school students with collegiate academic mentors in an effort to introduce younger students to the values and applications of education. The LYATH Foundation aims to encourage community outreach and academic excellence.

The LYATH Foundation is always in search of assistance with its programs.  Those wishing to teach are invited to enrich their lives by volunteering.  Individuals and groups wishing to make a monetary contribution to LYATH programs may donate here.  Other types of donations are always welcome, and can be made by contacting LYATH directly.

Our Events & Sponsors page will keep you informed of the LYATH Foundationís accomplishments and special events, as well as those people and groups who have contributed to the success of our programs and students.


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